Lions Club of Keynsham and District

Contact: 0845 833 9817

Monday 8 July. Lions Meeting
Monday 22 July. Lions BBQ
Wednesday 24 July. Chernobyl Children's Party

Monday 12 August. Lions Meeting
Monday 19 August. Visit to Saltford Brassmills
Wednesday 21 August. 7.30pm Zone K Meeting, Westhill Sports & Social Club.

Monday 9 September. Lions Meeting
Saturday 21 September. Mendip Swing Band at Saltford Hall
Monday 23 September. Dinner Meeting

Monday 14 October. Lions Meeting
Saturday 19 October. Partners Meat and Potato Pie Evening.

Monday 11 November. Lions Meeting
Wednesday 20 November. 7.30pm Zone K Meeting, Centurion.
Monday 25 November. Dinner Meeting
Friday 29 November. Winter Festival

Monday 9 December. Lions Meeting
Saturday 14 December. Farmers Market

Monday 13 January. Lions Meeting.

Monday 10 February. Lions Meeting.
Date ? February Zone K Meeting.
Monday 24 February. Dinner Meeting.

Monday 9 March. Lions Meeting.

Tuesday 14 April. Lions Meeting.
Monday 27 April. Dinner Meeting.

Friday 8 May. Bank Holiday
Monday 11 May. Lions Meeting
May Charter Anniversary.
Monday 25 May. Spring Bank Holiday
Date ? May. Zone K Meeting.


lions have fun - join us

Keynsham is still known by some residents as 'the village'. Try the village site

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